There is nothing more pleasing than getting a confirmed ticket for a train journey. It ensures a happy and healthy trip. However, with millions of people travelling daily, getting a confirmed ticket every time is impossible. Waitlisted ticket is something that keeps you on your toes all the time. In that case, it becomes necessary to keep an eye on the Indian Railway PNR status. Earlier, people would rush to station counters to get updates about their reservation status. However, with online platforms coming into existence, you don't need to go anywhere.

RailMitra is one such online platform that keeps you updated about any change in your reservation status. By sending periodic notifications, it keeps you informed about the recent changes in your ticket status. If you are someone who wants a hassle-free journey, then look no further than RailMitra.With RailMitra, make effective strategies and travel like a pro. When you have access to such vital information, why not give yourself a chance to travel the world?

What Is a PNR Number?

Indian Railways computerised ticketing system issues a unique 10-digit number to every booked ticket. This PNR number is beneficial to update yourself about the reservation status/ticket status. Through PNR status, you can quickly check the current reservation status of your train ticket and plan your journey accordingly. 

Every train ticket has mainly three statuses:

  1. Confirmed Status
  2. RAC Status(Reservation against Cancellation)
  3. Waitlisted Status

The Indian Railways reservation system stores all the necessary information of a train traveller in its computer database. PNR stands for "Passenger Name Record". As the name suggests, it holds a variety of information related to the traveller and his train journey. 

Have a close look at the personal information of a traveller stored in its unique PNR number as given below:

  • Details of the traveller - Name, Age, and Gender of the train traveller
  • Date of the train journey
  • Train name and its number
  • Train fare Details
  • Class of travel 
  • Coach, seat number, and quota
  • Booking status - The status of your train ticket at the time of booking, i.e. regardless of the status, i.e. Confirmed Status, RAC Status, or Waitlisted
  • Current status - The status of your train ticket at the time of checking, i.e. 
  • IRCTC Ticket Auto Upgradation Scheme Details
  • Coach and Seat Number Details
  • From (Source Station) - Where you begin your journey from
  • To (Destination Station) - Where you end your journey
  • Boarding point
  • Journey Duration

Why Choose RailMitra to Check Your Reservation Status?

Periodic Notifications - The PNR status of a train ticket changes with time. Based on the number of cancellations of the confirmed tickets, it might get confirmed. RailMitra helps its users stay up-to-date with any latest development in the PNR status. It is quite essential to keep an eye on the PNR status. As a consequence, RailMitra sends periodic notifications to its users. These notifications are all about the progress that took place recently. 

Apart from that, RailMitra sends the final status of your PNR number as soon as the chart is prepared. Sometimes, once the chart is ready, the status of your PNR number doesn't change. If your ticket remains on the waiting list after the chart preparation, your ticket will remain waitlisted.

Confirmation Probability - It is a great addition to RailMitra as it makes everything crystal clear. This feature predicts the confirmation chances of your train ticket. RailMitra's predictions are 99% correct. You can trust the forecast because it is computed using machine learning and AI. It displays your predictions in percentage.

E.g., we used to secure marks in our examination and the percentage was mentioned in our results. Based on that percentage, we would decide whether we passed or failed. In this same way, RailMitra displays its prediction in percentage, that too, in the high, medium and low categories. It is designed so that anyone can smoothly avail of this feature.

How Can You Check Indian Railway PNR Status Using RailMitra?

Want to monitor the PNR status of your ticket? With RailMitra, you can conveniently and swiftly check the Indian Railway PNR status. Follow the below-mentioned steps to keep a tab on the current status of your PNR. Here we go:-

Step 1:- Install RailMitra mobile app from Google Play Store. Alternatively, you can also visit the official website of RailMita, i.e.

Step 2:- Select the "Check PNR Status" tab on the Menu Bar. Once you select that tab, it will direct you to the PNR Status checking page.

Step 3:- Enter your 10-digit PNR number in the given box and hit the "Check PNR Number" button.

Step 4:- Your mobile/laptop screen will showcase the details related to your PNR confirmation update.

In today's time, travelling is key to happiness. It can instill freshness and revitalise you to achieve your task with passion. With so much hassle, you must plan things appropriately before boarding the train. With RailMitra, you can fulfill your railway needs. 

To avoid discomfort or last-minute rush, always keep yourself fully updated with the Indian Railway PNR status. Also, check the live train status to manage your time effectively. Avail RailMitra's other services and get immensely benefited. Install the RailMitra app and begin your train journey with ease